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Focus Uniforms for Concord High School

7025CHC - Unisex Cotton Jumper

7025CHC - Unisex Cotton Jumper

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Unisex Cotton Jumper

The Cotton Jumpers are made from Concord High School dark green, polyester and cotton blended fabric with an embroidered logo on left chest. They are a classic fit. The stretchy nature of the wool weave means the garments are very generous and forgiving in their sizing. The v-neck style is the classic look that compliments both the low, flat collar on the female blouse and the collar stand and tie combination for the male uniform. They are to be worn with the Short/ Long Sleeve Shirt, and Junior/ Senior Tie.

The poly cotton blend for jumpers is the economical option, that assists for heat regulation and comfortable feel. Polyester gives the cotton the strength to maintain it's shape and elasticity, while wool is the main driver behind the comfort and thermo-regulation.

Other items that are often purchased with these pants are the Short Sleeve Shirt, Tie, and Sports Cap.
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