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Focus Uniforms for Concord High School

5225CH - Unisex Track Jacket

5225CH - Unisex Track Jacket

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Unisex Track Jacket

The Track Jackets are one half of the Concord High School track suit. They are made from black and yellow polyester fabric with a loose nylon fleece inner layer, with a logo on the left chest. This garment is cost effective way to keep the athelete warm around the times they are performing. They are a relaxed fit designed to fit both male and female growing bodies. As well as being made with industry leading YKK zippers. They are to be worn with the the Polo Shirt, Sport Shorts and Track Pants.

This fabric is a polyester outer shell to resist and deflect the wind, sewn together with a nylon fleecy layer to keep you warm. The jacket can only be worn with sports uniforms items.

Other items that are often purchased with these shorts are the Polo Shirt, Sport Shorts and Track Pants

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