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Please note: You only need to order this item once per order.


Prior to handing your jacket in for line embroidery you will need to place your order online first. Take a look below on the steps to placing your order: 

1. Make sure you have an account with Focus. Visit here if you don't.

2. Gather your letter(s) including the lines that you have been awarded. You will need to calculate your order as per the following. The first line is item 100EMB - First Line Embroidery. You will only need to order one of these per time you send the jacket off for embroidery.

3. Each word after your first line will be '101EMB - Line Embroidery Each Word After First Line.' Count how many words you have in total after the first line and add them to the cart.

RUGBY 7S CAPTAIN 2023 - First Line - 100EMB x 1
CONSISTENT ENDEAVOUR 2022 (blue writing) - Three words, so 101EMB x 3
SRC LEADER 2022 - Three words, so 101EMB x 3

Total order: 100EMB- First Line x 1 + 101EMB Each Word After First Line x 6

4. Once all items are added to your cart, please type all lines (including any special instructions, such as thread colour or special position) into the 'Add a note to your order' section. You will know you are in the cart page when "Your cart" appears at the top of the page.

5. Your order has been placed online successfully. Please drop the blazer, along with copies of your line letters and a copy of the order confirmation.

Thank you for your order. Your blazer will be ready for collection at the beginning of next term from the School Shop. Please do not hesitate to drop into the shop or call our office if we can help you completing this order.