What are the signs that you need a branded uniform for your business?

What are the signs that you need a branded uniform for your business?

You may have a great business and staff but that doesn’t necessarily mean your business is not missing something important. All the signage, stationery and website reinforce your brand but do your team do the same thing? Is my business image lacking? The appearance of uniformed employees can have a big positive impact on your business and the customers.

Below are key points that are tell-tale signs that your company is ready for a branded uniform.


Staff identification


Are your staff easily identifiable? Can a client walking into your business easily find a staff member to help them? If the answer is no, it is time to arrange branded work uniforms. The easier staff are to spot the quicker the customer will get assistance and have a good overall impression of the business.


Inappropriate wear


Without a uniform policy, it is hard to enforce a standard of dress in the workplace across all employees. Everyone has a different view on what is appropriate workwear. There is nothing to stop employees from wearing clothing that is too revealing, ill-fitting and distracting or t-shirts with offensive prints.

A branded company uniform eliminates employee disregard for appearance and keeps all dressed in appropriate workwear. If you see a miss-match of dress standards in your company, it is time to act now and implement a uniform policy.


Company morale

Is the image being created by the employee’s standard of dress creating a conflict within the company? If so, there is a problem and you may end up with an inharmonious work environment. This will lead to reduced employee happiness and productivity. A company uniform levels the playing field and provides a sense of teamwork. It instills a sense of belonging and pride in the job and company.


Employee safety

This can apply to two levels. A set uniform policy will ensure the correct clothing for the employee’s tasks at the company. For example, ensuring all staff in the warehouse are wearing high visibility vests so the fork-lift operators can spot them quickly and avoid dangerous situations.

The other level is that it allows all at the company to identify each other and easily spot when an outsider is where they shouldn’t be. For example, a member of the public could try going behind counters to steal or harm employees.


Customer complaints


When a customer takes the time to make a complaint about an employee’s state of dress in a negative way, alarm bells should sound. It is time to discuss and implement a company uniform policy. Once employees are in a set branded uniform, a sense of pride in appearance is instilled. This generally lifts their confidence and level of customer service.



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