Use this time in Isolation to make your company’s appearance stand out.

Use this time in Isolation to make your company’s appearance stand out.

Brand Personality

Something I have heard several times is the question "If your brand were a person, what would they be like?" It might be a bit cliché at this point, but it's a smart way to think about brand personality.

There are a few key aspects of your business’s personality. Your website, physical store (mainly retail) and most of all, your people! Your staff is the face, eyes, and ears of your company. Your company reflects its personality through your staff’s appearance. A uniform is, therefore, extremely important when considering a brand personality.

Things to consider when designing a uniform is:

  • Comfort - If the staff looks uncomfortable, so will the brand.
  • Function - Do your staff do physical work, for example, beauticians may be moving around a fair bit.
  • Form - How the physical appearance is communicated to your Ideal Customer! 

If a personality is not established, customers will get mixed messages and have trouble connecting with your brand.

A brand personality is an important thing to consider because it will come through in every part of your brand identity if you get it right.


Logos are constantly being adjusted, however, a clear brand should come first, followed by a logo that compliments, and enhances the brand.

What do you think of the image? I bet you instantly thought of magic, laughter, or something similar. The playful script highlights creativity and fun, and that jives with the overall brand Disney has established.

Another thing to consider is the application of your logo. If you are a sole trader and just wear your logo on the back of your polo shirt, make sure that you design a logo that is easily added to a polo shirt via printing. Printing your logo is suitable if you have a lot of detail or it is a larger design.

If you are mainly working in an office and would like your staff to have your logo on their shirts in a more subtle way. Add it to your uniform via embroidery. Knowing that embroidery cannot easily do detail, such as color shading or finer detail.

The final thing to consider when designing a brand logo is that it needs to be flexible enough to look great on a huge billboard or as a tiny social media icon.

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