The DRESS CODE - Do kids have to wear school uniform today?

The DRESS CODE - Do kids have to wear school uniform today?

As schools are reopening and we slowly start to fall back into a routine, is there really a need to continue with school uniforms?

Not all schools are stipulating that pupils wear uniforms upon their return to the classroom. For example, some schools are recommending their parents send their child to school in sportswear appropriate for schools so that they do not need to change for outdoor activities, for example, leggings, shorts, jogging bottoms, T-shirts, sweatshirts, pumps or trainers.

This follows the Government’s guidance suggesting that for infection control, all children come into school with clean clothes where possible. Sportwear worn during the day is generally easier to wash immediately when your child returns home.

How does this then affect the branding element and the high standard of traditional uniforms that a lot of Schools pride themselves on?

Branding and distinction do not necessarily have to be lost due to a change in uniform attire. For example, climate-focused sports uniforms that can be easily washed every day are a great alternative to a full uniform such as a blazer or tie, that does not get washed as regularly.

Not only is sportswear a lot more comfortable but it also covers a lot of the criteria important to schools, such as:

  • Avoids competition between students to be dressed in expensive, brand name clothes.
  • Ensures that students are dressed in clothes that are appropriate for learning activities.
  • It creates a good impression of students and the school to the wider community.
  • Easily identifies intruders to the school when all others are in uniform.
  • Complies with Workplace Health and Safety requirements. Specifically, activities in Art, Industrial Technology, Agriculture, Hospitality and Science require impervious shoes to protect the feet in the event of a chemical spill.

For most schools in Australia, the School uniforms foster pride, assist in the development and maintenance of tone and good conduct, and reduce the distinction between children in the same school.

Most workplaces will continue to have a dress code or uniforms as everyone returns to work. A visit to local businesses, such as banks, corporations and even supermarkets and some shops will highlight this. Therefore, schools should also reflect on the workplace. It helps promote self-discipline and understanding of the importance of neatness in personal appearance.

As more restrictions are lifted and we slowly return to the previous way of life, school uniforms are most likely going to do the same, so this is also a great time for Schools to work on their Uniform Designs. However, In the mean feel free to find out more about our Sportwear and School Uniforms here:

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