How your company uniform can nail first impressions

How your company uniform can nail first impressions

You may have heard classic clichés - “You never forget the first impression”, or “First impressions count!” So Why are first impressions so important - especially for your company brand?

First Impressions

Amy Cuddy of Harvard Business School found that 80-90% of first impressions are based on confidence and trustworthiness.

You only get one chance to make a first impression. According to research by Princeton University, a person decides whether to trust you within a tenth of a second. For you as a business owner, you only get a fraction of a moment to build trust and confidence with your customers as soon as they walk in the door.

How can you make that first impression count?

One of the answers lies in your uniforms! Let’s look at 3 key reasons:

Builds brand familiarity and trust

A well-defined uniform not only enhances your brand but makes a customer feel secure and confident in engaging in business with you. Getting your staff to wear a consistent uniform enhances your company’s image and inspires customers to trust you.

Demonstrates competence and professionals

A uniform makes a customer feel confident about your staff’s competence. It is assumed by the way they dress that they are professionals who have the ability to help them and meet their needs. This means a well-uniformed employee further elevates your brand when coupled with performance.

Gives you a competitive advantage

Your employees are the face of your brand, so a well-dressed, uniformed client-facing workforce helps them stand out from your competitors. Your uniform creates an image that makes you identifiable and unique from other companies within your industry.

No matter what industry you are in, you want to gain a competitive advantage. And using uniforms effectively will give you a slight edge in making the first impression!

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