How Uniforms Boosted Morale at a Major Beauty Franchise

How Uniforms Boosted Morale at a Major Beauty Franchise

Are you thinking about introducing uniforms to your business? This is the story of a company that did just that and the benefits they enjoyed.

Focus Uniforms

As a business owner, you always need to consider public perception. How consumers see you affect how well your business performs.

Poor perception leads to poor performance.

How your employees come across plays a large part in this perception. People will judge your business based on what your employees look like.

This is where a corporate uniform comes in. A great uniform ensures your people look the part and can conduct themselves professionally.

That’s what Ella Baché discovered when they worked with Focus Uniforms.

Huge Morale Boosts at Ella Bache

When Ella Baché came to Focus Uniforms, they already had a corporate uniform. And they had major problems with them.

A nationwide franchise, Ella Baché operates several beauty salons throughout the country. They’d worked with Focus Uniforms for over 15 years.

But in 2014, they decided they needed a uniform redesign. Instead of working with Focus again, they opted to use a nationally-recognised designer.

That proved to be a mistake.

The designer created uniforms that looked amazing. However, they did not consider the practical aspects of a beautician’s job. Ella Baché’s people ended up with uncomfortable uniforms that weren’t practical. Seams started to come apart and the uniforms couldn’t match the employees’ needs.

And it sapped their morale as a result.

How Focus Helped

Ella Baché asked Focus to manufacture more of the uniforms they’d had designed.

And we saw immediate problems with the first batch. The Focus team recognised that the uniforms weren’t practical. And we communicated that information to Ella Bache’s head office.

Focus offered to redesign the uniforms. While maintaining the style, the team focused on making the uniforms practical again. With that job completed, manufacturing resumed.

The End Result

Focus Uniforms could have just ignored the issue and manufactured the uniforms in their existing state. But that would have been a disservice to the client. Ella Baché’s people had already started to experience morale issues.

The new uniforms were the cause of the problem.

With the redesign, those issues disappeared almost overnight. The company’s people now had a uniform that was as practical as it was attractive.

The partnership between the two companies continues to this day. And Ella Baché still uses the redesigned uniforms that Focus created for them. They have happier employees and the business has gone from strength to strength.

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