How can your uniform build & keep trust amid COVID-19?

How can your uniform build & keep trust amid COVID-19?

Building loyalty in a time of crisis can make or break a brand. Organizations are turning on a dime to improvise and make difficult decisions that will ultimately have lasting effects on their brands. 

How do uniforms build trust with your clients?

In having your employees wear uniforms, there is no doubt that you also help to improve their confidence, build your brand and increasing visibility. However, uniforms can also help your customers trust you. Let us take a closer look at the many ways that uniforms inspire trust.

Increased visual consistency

The new customer may be unsure of a few things. For example, if your business is still operating on location, they may not know their way around your place of business or may not be sure about buying from you or anxious about keeping their distance from others. However, business owners who outfit employees in uniforms can change all of that. First impressions are everything, and clean and professional-looking uniforms will communicate much to first-time customers.

Right away, they will be able to see exactly who they need to speak to when they enter your business, eliminating guesswork and anxiety about where they should be going. This will instantly build their trust. The uniform also allows customers to link your company and products, reminding them where you are so they can tell others about you.

Employee cohesiveness

Outfitting your employees in company uniforms provides visual consistency that distinguishes them from other customers, but it also communicates that your employees work together as a team. In being able to see this cohesiveness, your customer’s trust in your brand increases because they know that someone is always there to assist them. 

Your trust builds trust

In giving an employee a uniform, you are communicating that you trust them to represent your company and everything it stands for. Customers who see your trust in employees are inspired to trust them also.

For service businesses like garages or valet parking, a customer will feel far more trusting when employees in shop uniforms are the ones taking their vehicle keys.

Increased customer comfort

The fit of your employee uniforms will also build trust in your customers. For example, an employee’s uniform did not fit properly. This discomfort will show in their body language and can make the customer feel uneasy as well. When an employee is wearing a comfortable uniform, they can focus on providing the stellar customer service that builds trust.

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