2019 Fashion Trends

2019 Fashion Trends

Fashion Trends:

Anyone working in an office and who doesn’t have a uniform will tell you that choosing an outfit to wear every day can be time consuming and challenging. Corporate uniforms certainly keep things simple for your staff, but one of the hottest trends in 2019 is applying the “capsule wardrobe” philosophy to corporate uniforms. If you are looking for a flexible uniform policy that allows your employees to express their individuality and still conform to a uniform, take this into account when considering the options. Make sure it is…

Retail Inspired, Desirable yet Brand-Linked:

Consider clothing that your employees actually want to wear and you might discover that there’s a disconnect with what your company is offering. Companies are finding success in making corporate apparel desirable by choosing classically stylish items. Those that pull this off well also ensure that the corporate logo is subtly applied and not garishly applied on every single item in the same way. Some go even further and think about how custom detailing and corporate logo embellishment, whether it be embroidered or printed directly to the garment.

Approachable & Relatable:

Corporate apparel is no longer stuffy, formal or boring. Companies in 2019 are embracing comfort, practicality and style and leading with a “smart casual” look. Workplace culture is a hot topic these days and when you have a good understanding of your staff and your customers, you will be able to identify what tone you want to communicate with your corporate apparel. If your customers typically dress in casual attire, do you really need your staff in suit and tie?

No Longer afraid to make a statement:

Corporate apparel is a great opportunity to be memorable and impactful. When rebranding, or introducing a new corporate uniform, some companies are introducing a statement piece that strongly represents the brand in a fun, bold and eye-catching way, sometimes for special events or social occasions, and at other times to introduce a bold accent in a well-chosen accessory.

The Capsule Wardrobe Trend:

The capsule wardrobe trend has been increasing in popularity in recent years and describes a collection of a few essential items of clothing that don’t go out of fashion, and which can be easily paired with a range of other items to create different looks. Uniforms in 2019, and probably well into the end of the decade, will give employees the flexibility to mix and match between a few complimentary pieces to create a consistent, yet varied look for each day of the week.

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