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Congratulations on reaching year 12! 

Focus Uniforms is proud to be facilitating the Leavers Jerseys for Year 12 2023. We have received the design that was created and voted by you and your peers and are getting ready for production. All we need now is a little information from you!

The jerseys will look as pictured below with your last name written across the back. Sorry no nicknames allowed. These will be made over Christmas and will be given to you early next year by the school. Don't worry if you are ordering on behalf of someone who doesn't share the same last name as you, we will check the name of each order against the names of students against the enrolments and if we have any queries we will follow up with the school. We may contact you directly if there are any further issues.

Sizing: Sizes range from 2XS - 4XL.

Try On: A size range will also be available for try on with Ms Dunsmore during the week of 25-29 October. Please contact her or any members of the Jersey committee to organise a time to try them on.

Ordering: Please place your order online by nominating your size and using your full name. We will check this against the school database to ensure no spelling mistakes are made. Please note: Please add your daughter's full name to the 'Add a note to your order' in the cart. You will know you're in the cart section when "Your cart" is at the top of the page.

Item Delivery: Please note that these jerseys will be given to you by the school early next Year. Don't worry if you accidentally pick delivery, we will refund the freight cost to you.

If we have any questions we will contact you via the information supplied on the order. Thank you and congratulations again!

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